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2004-02-20 - 9:02 p.m.

Well, many people will have noticed that I never update this thing. It isn't because I don't care. Really. For a while now I have tried my best to take this thing seriously but I find dispite my best efforts it's impossible to do when your sign on name is sunshine followed by numerals. It's just a BAD sign on name, obviously I was under the influence of drugs, alcohol or romantic ideals at the time. But, I cannot allow countless chapters of my life to go on unrecorded!

So, I have a resolution to this problem.

A new diary!

This site will remain up until diaryland takes it down, although I won't add to it further. I have archived the old entries on my harddrive, but that's all she wrote here.

Visit me instead at handy work of my new diary
and please be patient as I update my buddy list.




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